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Vocational guidance

Create with us your vocational profile and decide your professional future.

You don’t know what to study? Have you ever asked yourself what is your purpose? Your vocational decision begins at a very early stage.

How do we do it?

1. Know yourself

Using different evaluation techniques, such as psychological tests and in-depth interviews, we help you identify your skills, strengths, interests and motivations, and create your profile.

2. Profile analysis

We open a space where we discuss with you your vocational profile and think about the possible paths towards your future.

3. Build your path

We define an educational path that brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams and connects you with what you are passionate about.

Choose between two types of vocational profiles

360º profile for 12-year-olds and older

We identify 3 professional areas or university degrees that are optimal for your profile.

-Skills and strengths

-Professional interests


-Personality traits

-Socio-family context

Express profile for senior year high school students

We identify the 3 professional careers or training courses that best fit your vocational profile.

-Skills and strengths

-Professional interests

What do we deliver?

The psychologist, together with the educational consultant, will give you a vocational report with the results of your evaluation. In the report we suggest fields of study, graduate or undergraduate degrees and/or professional training courses that best fit your profile, as well as possible career paths. 

Is vocational guidance for me?

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> If you just started to think about your future choices

> If you have to decide which subjects to take or the type of high school education you need (in any educational system).

> If you want to explore your interests and find out what extracurricular courses or summer programs you could take.
> If you are a junior or senior in high school, or you have just finished high school and are about to choose a career, a university or a professional field.

> If you want to know more about your interests, motivations, skills and strengths in order to make a better decision.
We help you discover the degrees or professional training courses that best fit your profile and their associated job prospects./strong>
> If you are between 20 and 25 years old and not satisfied with the vocational path you have chosen.

> If you want to know yourself, review your interests and motivations, have concerns about past choices, or are rethinking your professional project and want to be more aligned with your vocational profile.

> If you have finished your university degree or professional course and want to make an informed decision about the most suitable postgraduate courses or specialization programs.

A gradual process

vocational guidance is a gradual and cumulative process based on the organization of information and your significant experiences. It takes time and involves a reflective process that will favor autonomy and commitment.

A vocational guidance process allows you to dedicate time to think on the choice you have to make and to express the questions, concerns, fantasies and fears associated to it. The psychologist will inform and guide you using different tools that facilitate the task of exploration and discovery.

All this will be very important so that the decision you make gets you closer to a path that motivates and excites you. In this way, with the help of the academic consultant you will trace a pathway that will allow you to enter the job market, build a life based on autonomy and independence while responding to your interests and motivations. We will help you build your own path.

Make an informed and confident decision about your future

Do you want to discover your strengths, talents, skills and interests? Don’t wait any longer! Knowing yourself will allow you to identify your vocation and guide your decisions, reach your full potential and successfully enter the job market.