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We are Beyond Education...

We are the education consulting firm that helps you design your vocational pathway and guides you in defining and achieving your goals, offering you the best national and international educational opportunities and a diverse range of experiences that will allow you to fulfill your potential.

We accompany you in your journey towards the best version of yourself.

Our mission is to help you know yourself, to guide you and empower you

1. Self-knowledge

We help you identify your own skills, strengths, motivations and interests in order to discover your vocation and purpose. We want you to start designing your own path.

2. Guidance

We advise you in the selection of high schools, subjects, extracurricular activities, summer camps, university degrees or professional training programs in Spain, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, the United States and many other countries. We can also assist you in the search of your first job.

3. Accompany

We walk hand in hand with you, answer your questions, advise you in making decisions and assist you in applying to schools, universities, institutes or summer programs.

4. Enhance

Our goal is that you, building on your strengths, evolve into a more complete version of yourself.

One team, one story

In 2018 Mercedes, Emiliana, Belén and Patricia, educational consultants and psychologists, but, first and foremost, mothers aware of the needs of today’s families, children and teenagers, got together and created Beyond Education.

Today, 4 years later, we have formed an experienced team that works day in and day out with children, youth and families.
Beyond Education Consultora educativa

Founding partners

Beyond Education Mercedes Gómez Badiola

Mercedes Gómez Badiola

Academic consultant

Beyond Education Emiliana de Oteiza

Emiliana De Oteyza Pacanins

Psychologist and coach

Beyond Education Belén Ureña

Belén Ureña

Academic consultant

Beyond Education Patricia Pizzolante

Patricia Pizzolante De Oteyza


Our Team

Beyond Education Fiorella Barroeta

Fiorella Barroeta

Academic consultant

Isabel Segovia

Psychologist and Summer program consultant

Juan González


Beyond Education Patricia de Oteyza

Patricia De Oteyza

Academic consultant

Beyond Education Lourdes Urdaneta

Lourdes Urdaneta


Beyond Education Fabiana Barroeta

Fabbiana Barroeta

Administrator and commercial agent in Venezuela

Karla Gallo


Beyond Education nita aspiazu

Nita Aspiazu

Academic consultant

Beyond Education Paula Arce

Paula Arce

Commercial agent in Colombia

Carmen Olazabal

Academic consultant and commercial agent in Portugal

Valentina Gómez

Academic consultant and commercial agent in Venezuela

Clara Diez Domeq

Academic consultant and commercial agent in Andalucía

How do we do it?

Our team of psychologists and educational consultants will accompany you in defining your own path, step by step. We offer a completely personalized service because in order to help you achieve your dreams you first need to discover your own potential.


Knowing your interests, motivations, skills and strengths are the keys to design and create your academic and professional project. Therefore, in Beyond Education we build up from your profile and walk with you towards the best version of yourself.


We design an educational pathway that ensures the development of your full potential, from your entry into university to your first job.


Having a 360º vision of yourself is what will allow us to help you succeed at a personal and professional level. We focus not only on your academic development but also in your social-emotional wellbeing and personal growth.


We are flexible in offering our services; we can assist you online or in person at our offices in Calle Castelló 128, Madrid.

Why Beyond Education?

Comprehensive 360º vision

We go beyond, we open horizons to our children and adolescents and consider all the elements that make up their wellbeing.

We walk with you

We offer you support and guidance, together we design a pathway for you to grow.

100% Personalized

We seek to get to know you and build your profile with you and your family. We conform to your needs.

Always updated

We remain updated on any new opportunities offered by the educational market.

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