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University orientation in Spain

Study in Spain:
University orientation

An academic consultant will guide you in the selection of an undergraduate or graduate degree, university or academic institution in Spain. We help you through the application process so that you access the perfect university for you.

Advantages of studying in Spain

1. Wide variety of programs and specializations

2. Dual degrees

3. Programs in Spanish or English

4. Solid high education reputation

5. Vibrant student life, great weather and rich culture

6. Affordable tuitions

7. Degrees recognized by 53 countries worldwide

Study in Spain

  • High school studies (IB, IGCSE, Spanish baccalaureate, Spanish technical degree, homologated foreign degree).

  • EvAU or EBAU (university admission test in Spain) and/or proof of admisiónn to a university.

  • Valid identity document (DNI/NIE/Passport).

  • Student visa (for non-European students).

  1. Gathering student information
  2. Selection of best possible universities
  3. Discussion about the proposed universities
  4. Final selection of universities to apply
  1. Design a work plan
  2. Application preparation: cover letter and/or essay
  3. Revision of Curriculum vitae
  4. Preparation for specific admission tests
  5. Submitting the application and follow-up
  6. Assistance with final questions and decision making
  • Assessment of academic excellence scholarships and financial aid.
  • Resident halls or student dorms 
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Vocational Training in Spain

If you are a practical person, interested in novelty, like to learn “by doing” and dream of working rather than studying, Vocational Training is an excellent option for you. If you later wish to pursue university studies, Vocational Training allows you to do so without having to take the EVAU (university admission test in Spain).

  • Short-term courses (usually 2 years)
  • Intermediate and higher studies that respond to the current employment demand
  • Online or in-person modalities
  • Flexible schedules
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Postgraduate studies in Spain

Get to know all the graduate programs, universities and business schools in Spain. We accompany and guide you in the selection and application processes.

  1. Initial meeting with the student
  2. Proposal of selected programs
  3. Identification of the student’s strengths
  4. Submitting applications, preparation of interviews and visits to universities.
  5. Prepare and review your essay.

Pre-university summer courses

Explore your academic and professional interests and get a first taste of university life by signing up for a pre-university summer course in Spain. These programs are intended for 14-18 year old students, and are offered by universities or other educational institutions.

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