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Undergraduate studies and professional training orientation

So it´s time to transition from high school to university. Are you ready?

At Beyond Education we are excited to guide you on this journey that ends the day you attend your first class. You may find yourself full of doubts or not knowing where to begin, it´s normal. But don’t worry, we are here to accompany and advise you every step of the way!

How do we do it?

We start with a series of questions:

●      Do you know what you want to study?
●      Are you familiar with the degrees offered in this field?
●      Have you decided in which country you want to study?
●      What type of high school and what subjects are you currently taking?

If you still don’t know what career you want to study, the ideal is to do

University proposal

Based on the degree you have chosen and the country or countries you are interested in, we will propose the most appropriate universities for your profile considering:

  • Entry requirements
  • Academic level
  • Enrollment deadlines
  • Required language level
  • Preferences
  • Admission tests
  • Specific requirements: Personal statement, cover letter, essay, letters of recommendation, Curriculum Vitae, among others.
  • Sport facilities
  • Lodging

It´s a 3-step process:


Information gathering

Through forms and interviews with the student and his/her parents, we gather all the information required to create the proposal.


Proposal and counseling

We propose a short list of universities, indicating application requirements and deadlines. We also give our advice on the higher education system of the selected country or countries.



Delivery and discussion of the proposed universities and final selection.

Applying to Universities

Once you know the degrees and universities of your interest, we will accompany you throughout the application process in order to ensure admission to the university of your dreams!

Make a solid application that highlights your academic and personal strengths, taking into account your interests, sports or extracurricular activities.
Work plan design
Application preparation, guidance and execution of the defined work plan; preparation for specific admission tests.
Revision of your personal statement, cover letter and/or essay.
Support in submitting the application; follow-up.
Resolution of doubts and final decision.

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

1. High quality education

2. Wide variety of degrees

3. Unparalleled job opportunities

4. Innovative methodologies; pragmatic and modern approaches

5. Great cultural diversity

6. English, Spanish or bilingual studies

7. Affordable prices and the possibility of scholarships

8. 3- or 4-year undergraduate programs

9. University exchange programs

We work with universities in Spain, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the United States and Canada

Do you think professional training may be for you?

Professional training

If you are a “practical” person, interested in novelty, like to learn “by doing” and dream of working rather than studying, professional training is an excellent option for you.

Professional training programs are a response to the needs of the current job market. They are relatively short (usually 2 years), online or in-person with very flexible and adaptable schedules. If you then wish to pursue university studies, professional training allows you to do so without having to take the EVAU (university entry exam in Spain).

Professional training is an attractive and accessible high-quality option with an innovative and practical approach that guarantees you a successful entry into the job market. You can enroll at any time of your life. More and more professionals are “reinventing” themselves or acquiring new skills needed to continue their careers successfully.