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Do you want to experience living abroad?

Beyond Education helps you to make this wish come true. We are an education consulting firm specialized in vocational guidance and international academic counseling.

Our mission is to help you get to know yourself, to guide you and empower you. We offer you educational opportunities that best fit your profile. We walk with you towards the best version of yourself.

Studying or going to summer camp abroad is easier than you think.

Full online counseling

No matter where you are, we will help you achieve your dreams. Live the wonderful and unforgettable experience of studying abroad:
We create your vocational profile and provide tailored orientation. We design the educational pathway that will let you reach your goals. Do you want to know more? Entra aquí
Study at the best universities in the world. We give you advice on graduate or undergraduate studies in the country of your choice. We help you through all the application process until you get into the university of your dreams. Find out all about it here!

Choose where you want to study: Spain, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Germany, Canada.
if you want to study a language, or take a year to prepare before starting university, contact us. We recommend different programs for you in Europe and the United States. Learn more here!
We help you find full-year, semester or trimester courses in the United Kingdom, France or Switzerland. Live an unforgettable experience that will make you grow while you learn a language and meet people from different cultures. Don’t wait any longer, learn more! Find out how we can help you.
Summer is the perfect time travel abroad, to experience a new language or to explore new interests in a different setting. Find out more about our summmer camps, language and pre-university courses here!