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Advise on graduate studies

We guide you through the selection and application process for graduate programs in Europe, the United States and Canada. We help you successfully access the program of your interest.

Do you want to specialize but you have doubts or are not familiar with what masters or PhD programs are being offered?

How do we do it?

* Comprehensive advice on the university system, business schools, graduate programs and their advantages.

* In-depth study of the candidate: with the information gathered we choose 5-10 graduate programs that fit your profile, needs and interests.

* Identification of the candidate´s strengths: development of a strategy to help the candidate stand out in a competitive selection process.

* We help you create user accounts, filling application forms, scheduling visits and preparing interviews.

* Assistance in the preparation of essays: topic selection, brainstorming, grammar and spelling.

If you want to pursue graduate studies but not sure in what field to specialize, we will guide you to make the right decision about your future:

Get a vocational profile.

We work with universities in Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States.