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Career orientation

Are you finishing your university studies and starting to think about your professional future?

Are you not sure about how to start looking for professional opportunities?

Not sure how to write your resume or CV?

Do you want to excel in job interviews but the nerves overwhelm you?

Our consultants are human resources specialists with vast experience in recruitment and talent management.

Through our personalized counseling, we seek to identify your job objective and facilitate your job search process taking into account your motivations, interests and values. We want your transition to the business world to be successful, to boost your self-confidence and that you discover what you really want to do professionally. Just as a personal trainer helps you achieve your best performance in sports, your professional career trainer/coach will work with you in order to achieve your professional goals, always taking into account your motivations, interests and values.

What is career orientation?

The job search process consists of 5 steps and is carried out in an individual basis:

Define your objective


Know your strengths


Stand out with a resume/CV and cover letter


Design a strategy/route to reach your goal.


Approach interviews with confidence

How can the career orientation service help me?

●      You will develop a strategy that makes your application stand out from the rest.

●      You will define an action plan that will allow you to get closer to your initial objective.

●      You will identify your most relevant skills.
●      Emotional support during the job search process.

●      Know-how on job vacancy management which will allow refining your job search strategy and achieve your goals.

●      Finding a quality job faster.

Our programs

Individual orientation

  • Six 60 min sessions
  • In-person or online
  • Design and develop your action plan that will allow you to get closer to your goal. You will define your professional objective, write your CV, cover letter and digital profile, define a job search strategy and receive interview training.

Group workshop

  • Two 90 min sessions
  • In-person or online
  • The workshop provides you with the keys to the job market and basic recommendations for developing a job search strategy.