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Summer camps and programs

Are you wondering which is the most suitable summer camp for your child? Summer is the perfect time to practice a sport, explore a new interest, gain teamwork experience and improve a second language while having fun and making new friends.

Beyond Education offers you personalized attention and FREE advice on the best summer camps and programs in Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.

We want next summer to be exciting, unforgettable and full of learning, are you coming?

1. Meet with us and tell us your needs and goals.

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Towards the best version of yourself

Sports and adventure camps

A summer camp will take your child to live a different kind of vacation during which they can disconnect, have fun, create, imagine, and learn while getting to know themselves a little better.

Reasons to sign up your child in a summer camp:

* Fun guaranteed!

* Contact with nature

* Practice sports: tennis, golf, horseback riding, surfing, among others

* Practice the arts: painting, theater, music, cooking, dancing

* Improve leadership and teamwork skills

* Self-knowledge: knowing your strengths and what makes you unique

* Make new friends

* Gain independence and autonomy

Summer camps allow children to live a different experience in which they can disconnect, have fun, create, imagine and learn while getting to know themselves a little bit better.

Language camps abroad

The idea is that your child learns a language while practicing their favorite sport, or learns about cooking or photography while improving in a second language.

Benefits of sending your child to a summer camp abroad:

* Gaining autonomy and “growing-up”

* Full language immersion: English, French, German

* Contact with a different culture

* Learning to live with others

* Development of soft skills: social skills, communication, leadership, negotiation

* Practicing sports and outdoor activities

* Explore activities of their interest

Monitor camp

We advise you on the Official Youth Activities Monitor Courses, which will allow you to work in leisure and free time activities in Spain and abroad.
These courses aim at young people who want to learn and have fun.

The monitor job is the first professional experience for many young people and has many benefits:

* Learn to work together

* Assume responsibilities

* Take decisions

* Hang out with kids your age

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