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Advice on School Selection in Spain

At Beyond Education we have an extensive and detailed knowledge of Spanish schools so we can help you select the best option for your child.

When considering schools in Spain it is important to consider:

1. The academic system of preference: Spanish, British, French, American, German, Swiss, bilingual, International Baccalaureate (IB).

2. The school's values.

3. The school's international community and level of involvement with locals.

4. Parental involvement and communication between the school and the family.

5. The facilities, teacher/student ratio, extracurricular activities and the school board.

6. The opinion of other parents, especially in the school's management of complexity.

We look for the school that allows the student to develop his or her maximum potential. To do so, we evaluate his or her profile taking into account academic and socio-emotional criteria.


Tailored orientation

We interview the student and parents in order to align priorities and objectives. We define the selection criteria.



We select between 3 and 5 schools that best suit the student's profile and discuss it with the family.


School visits

We schedule appointments with the schools of interest, in person or online.


Interview preparation

We help students identify their strengths and aspirations so that they are able to express them during the interviews.

We advise you at any time.