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Academic year abroad

We help you and your family choose the best school that will allow you to live the experience of studying abroad.

10 benefits of doing a academic year abroad:

1. Full-immersion language learning

2. Personal development

3. Experience a different school system

4. Possibility to choose from a variety of subjects

5. Gain personal independence

6. Making new friends

7. Exposure to cultural diversity

8. Increase respect and tolerate towards diversity

9. Outdoor activities and contact with nature

10. Sport and artistic activities

How do we advise you if you want to spend a academic year abroad?

Tailored orientation

We interview the student and his/her parents to select the most suitable schools. We evaluate access requirements, student's interests, sports facilities, extracurricular activities and academic level.


We select between 3 and 5 schools that best suit the student's profile as well as the purpose of the stay and objectives to be met. We discuss it with the family.

School visits

We handle appointments and all-things-related to the visit. If there is no visit, the student and the family can rely on Beyond Education's criteria to make the decision.

Admission interview preparation

We help the students prepare their interviews by highlighting their strengths and most relevant experiences.

Letter of offer and admission

We oversee the handling of the letter of offer and admission process requirements.

Guardianship service

*UK only
We advise you in the search and selection of a guardian required for boarding school students.

You can spend a academic year in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and France